At the Forefront of Quality Control in the Produce Industry: Recent Insights from 3 Key Conferences across North American & Latin America

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The Clarifruit team had a busy travel schedule last month, presenting at major produce conferences in Canada and Chile. We’re excited to be engaged in conversations about the industry and its future, and doing our part to solve its most pressing challenges. 

Here is a recap of three high profile events we attended in April.

2023 Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Convention and Trade Show.

Record attendance and high energy made this year’s CPMA in Toronto a huge success – a sure sign that in-person conferencing for the produce industry has made a full recovery. A major landmark on the conference calendar, CPMA has something to offer everyone. For produce companies, it’s a chance to sell and expand sales across categories. It’s also a great opportunity for buyers to source quality produce with consistent pricing and delivery. And it’s an ideal venue for growers to find their way into North American markets. 

This year, the event was abuzz with talk of how modern technology is empowering quality teams, and helping them to move past outdated approaches that can no longer keep up with the speed of business. The conference demonstrated the need for innovation, more efficient processes and technological support for produce companies who urgently need to reduce rejections and waste, and maximize profitability for their customers.

How Clarifruit is meeting this need.

We were delighted to discuss our platform with these companies, and demonstrate how Clarifruit can enable them to deliver the right quality of produce to the right customers, and at the right time. Our AI-powered technology is playing a crucial role in digitizing quality standards and automating quality evaluation, for more accurate and objective inspections. 

We believe that structured data and in-depth reporting are key to measuring performance across the quality chain – exactly what the industry needs to overcome the challenges it is facing.

Berries and cherries: Clarifruit joins two fruit conferences in Chile.

As a leading exporter of blueberries and cherries, Chile is an ideal setting to talk about the outlook for these fruits, and the specific challenges that producers and exporters face. Our team attended the South American Blueberry Convention and the Global Cherry Summit to learn more about these challenges and contribute to conversations around solving them.

What we discovered at both events is that there is a growing awareness of the potential of AI technology to improve efficiency in these industries. Companies are just beginning to tap that potential. And since efficiency makes the difference between a good season and a bad one, these companies are especially interested in finding ways to improve information quality and process efficiency. That’s true of agribusiness in general, and the fruit industry in particular. The prevailing sentiment among market agents is clear: technology (and AI in particular) is the future of agribusiness.

Driving change through AI-enabled quality control

Clarifruit’s AI-powered Quality Control platform garnered a great deal of interest from producers and exporters, who readily understood the game-changing advantages it offers. What especially drew their attention was our mobile app, combining sophisticated AI capabilities with maximum ease of use. Our technology is attuned to the specific quality control challenges of a wide range of fruits, including blueberries. The platform is specifically designed to streamline processes and make them more accurate, scalable, and profitable, resulting in 2-3x productivity improvements, real-time actionable insights and meaningful reduction in rejections.

Engaging with the industry for lasting change: Clarifruit’s vision for the future

At Clarifruit, we enjoy any opportunity to meet the people our solutions are designed to empower. These conferences are an opportunity for us to engage industry experts, cultivate valuable partnerships, and stay at the forefront of emerging trends and challenges. 

We invite you to join us on this journey by booking a demo with our team. Experience firsthand how our innovative solutions enable companies to meet and exceed quality requirements, optimize their supply chain and drive efficiency. Discover the future of fresh produce management with Clarifruit.

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