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At Clarifruit, we’re committed to reducing food waste in the $2 trillion fresh produce supply chain to secure sufficient food supply for future generations. Our AI-powered, quality control as a service (QCaaS) platform helps grocery retailers, wholesalers, marketing companies and growers make agile, accurate decisions that maximize value throughout the supply chain. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly improving the service we offer, and finding ways to optimize the capabilities of our platform. 

So we’re delighted to announce a raft of recent updates to the platform. These changes will improve the user experience for admins and inspectors alike, and make data more easily accessible than before. We’ve also extended the computer vision lidar support to include hard citrus. Hooray! 

In our ongoing quest to empower the fresh produce industry, we understand that technology must evolve to meet the dynamic needs of the sector. These updates are a testament to our dedication to innovation and efficiency, and they are driven by valuable feedback from our users and partners. We recognize the critical role that mobile devices play in on-the-ground operations, so we’ve optimized our platform for mobile use, allowing inspectors to access multiple defect groups in a single screen, streamlining their workflow and providing a more user-friendly interface.

Here’s a list of some of the most significant changes we have made.

Update 1: Multiple defects groups on one screen and improved UX on mobile

Process Spec – Defects 

This feature allows company admins to configure multiple defect groups in a single screen. 

Mobile Defects Screen with Modified design

We have modified the screen on mobile to improve your experience. Before, the user could only see one defect group at a time on the screen. Now, users can visually see multiple groups in one step on the app.

Having all the defects on one page simplifies the process and makes it more flexible, while giving the inspector a much better user interface.


Update 2: Auto-Schedule Report Screen

This new tool retrieves analytics and data on inspections. Anyone who has access to the dashboard can schedule according to their preferred timezone. The report can also be exported as an excel or a PDF. For full visibility, users can send reports to themselves before scheduling them, to see how they look.

Update 3: Expanding Computer Vision

LiDAR Support for Hard Citrus

Expanding our computer vision capabilities is a significant step forward in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our quality control assessments. We are excited to announce that we’ve extended our computer vision lidar support to include hard citrus, making it the 13th fruit variety covered by this technology. This enhancement empowers users to objectively measure external attributes of hard citrus with remarkable flexibility regarding distance and angle, further enhancing the precision and comprehensiveness of our platform’s quality control capabilities.

These updates reflect our unwavering dedication to reducing food waste and maximizing value throughout the fresh produce supply chain. We remain committed to assisting our customers and their inspectors in making agile and accurate decisions while continually improving our platform. Should you have any questions or wish to explore these enhancements firsthand, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to schedule an obligation-free demo. We look forward to continuing this journey towards a more sustainable and efficient fresh produce supply chain.

Up until this point, the computer vision lidar support covered 12 fruits. Now, hard citrus has been added to the list, bringing the total to 13 fruits. With this technology, users can easily and objectively measure external attributes, with full flexibility in terms of distance and angle from the produce.

We have carefully designed these changes to make life easier for our customers and their inspectors. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions about the platform or to help users get the most out of our technology. If you’re new to Clarifruit, the best way to see its features and capabilities up close is through an obligation-free demo with our team. Get in touch to schedule yours, here.

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