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The fresh produce industry is gearing up for this year’s FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin, an annual event that many consider to be “the heartbeat of the fresh produce business”. When it comes to understanding the trends shaping the industry, from food safety and food quality to the logistical challenges faced by the produce supply chain, FRUIT LOGISTICA is definitely the place to be.

We’re excited to be in attendance, and we’re looking forward to sharing some big news of our own. As a reader of this blog, you’re getting a sneak peak into what is possibly the most significant raft of updates to the Clarifruit platform to date.

These include our much-anticipated automatic defect detection feature, and the integration of ChatGPT into the platform. Both have been in the pipeline for some time, and represent the culmination of all the hard work our team put in through 2023. 

What Does the New Automatic Defect Detection Mean for Clarifruit Customers?

As you may know, 2023 was a transformative year for Clarifruit. Our team worked hard throughout the year to push the envelope on AI, computer vision and real-time feedback during photo inspections. The result is the new automatic defect detection feature, a major step forward for fresh produce quality management. 

This feature will enable inspectors to accurately assess the severity of defects, and handle multiple quality issues on a single piece of produce in real time. With these insights, inspectors will be better able to prioritize severe defects over minor ones. That prioritization is key, eliminating alert overload and streamlining decision making and resource allocation. 

How We Got Here

Achieving this was every bit as complex as it sounds. We had to create a prioritization system for alerts that balances alerting inspectors to critical defects without inundating them with minor issues. The development process involved an extensive compilation of data, blending customer-generated content, synthetic inputs, and meticulous manual photography to train our AI to the high level of precision our customers need. We expect this feature to further reduce the risk of defective fresh fruits and vegetables making it into the produce supply chain.

Clarifruit Meets ChatGPT

Another major milestone has been the integration of ChatGPT into our platform. As our CTO Ruby Boyarski explains, “ChatGPT helps to perform actions in natural language and draw insights based on real world questions. It can even provide insight based on the data, without the user specifying exactly what they are after.” 

We expect this feature to have a powerful impact on the user experience while using our quality control app, making it even easier and more intuitive. Anyone within an organization can now access the insights they need by using natural language text prompts. This will go a long way to deepening Clarifruit’s impact, empowering even non-technical staff to fully leverage its capabilities for quick and accurate quality control tests.

The Role of Design Partners

We would be remiss if we did not recognize the contributions of our design partners in rolling out these essential updates. Their feedback has been instrumental in refining the automatic defect detection feature, training and refining it with each testing cycle. Their support has made it possible for us to extend Clarifruit’s capabilities while maintaining the ease of use our mobile app is known for. These partnerships reflect our commitment to collaborative innovation, the most effective way to continuously improve our quality control software.

What’s Next for Clarifruit in 2024?

Looking ahead, we have plans to integrate AI even further. Currently, we are looking into the possibility of enhancing natural language capabilities to augment the work of inspectors and QA managers. As Ruby Boyarski, our Co-founder and CTO, puts it, we are looking to use ChatGPT “to analyze the data automatically and potentially offer ways to improve the grading configuration or highlight specific trends for QA managers”.

We also plan to broaden the scope of defect detection, to encompass more fresh produce categories. 

We invite you to experience these exciting new capabilities first-hand. Join us at our booth in Hall 3.1 C-35 for a live demonstration, scheduled daily at 3pm. This is an opportunity to witness the future of fruit and vegetable quality control and explore how Clarifruit is redefining industry standards. 

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