One Automated Platform to Manage your Fresh Fruit and Vegetable QC

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Clarifruit is building the world’s first cloud-based solution that automatically collects your fresh produce quality control data and analyzes it, delivering objective and consistent QC inspections, real-time visibility, and a superior QC management experience.

Our end-to-end quality control solution has three main components:

Together, they enable you to optimize quality control across your entire produce supply chain.

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Quality Control App - Perfect for Any Inspector or Fruit and Vegetable Handler

It’s as simple as downloading the quality control application and taking a photo. The Clarifruit qc mobile app is suitable for both iOS and Android devices, and free to download. Simply take a photo of the fresh produce and our patented proprietary computer-vision and machine learning technology engine will analyze external attributes, including color, stem color, and size. Our quality standard algorithm leverages our ever-growing Big Data library, that contains more than 100,000 photos and produce attributes with similar characteristics. Our fresh produce quality control app can also be easily integrated with third-party hardware to access internal attributes such as degrees brix from a refractometer, pH, and firmness from a durometer.

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Management Dashboard - Gives QC Managers Quick Access to Actionable Data

From the web-based dashboard, you can access a real-time overview of every inspection, including the date and time, GPS location including mapping of all global operations at a glance, and user identification. The solution includes automated updates and notifications, which are configurable per business requirement. Most importantly, auto-generated reports, customizable for customer specifications, are generated for each completed inspection. At any point, you can export the information to Microsoft Excel for integration with other systems of record.

Big Data and Analytics Platform - Enables Operational Management to Make Strategic Decisions

Scalability and flexibility are key to the Clarifruit system, so our Big Data and Analytics platform is built for customization. You can set a specific inspection process that works for your unique setting, or create multiple quality standards, each with its own external and internal attributes. Our Big Data library, which currently contains millions of photos and fresh produce attributes with similar characteristics, grows with every inspection you perform, improving the accuracy of your automatic inspections. Analytics are run on all uploaded data as per customer-specific requests to connect the dots and data points, and derive unique insights that you can use to boost operational efficiency and maximize profitability.

Empowering Growers, Marketing Companies, Wholesalers & Retailers to Make Informed Decisions about Fresh Produce Quality

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