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Quality control (QC) may be the keystone of the global fresh produce supply chain. Despite its importance, QC methods are still mostly manual, subjective, and inefficient. Clarifruit is changing this with an AI-powered platform.

Our Story

When Avi Schwartzer picked a surprisingly bland clementine from a tree in his backyard, he had a eureka moment that would eventually lead him to co-found Clarifruit. Finding no end-to-end tool on the market that could accurately perform QC of fruits and vegetables, he set about developing one himself.


Along the way, he discovered that the way fruit and vegetables are picked and evaluated has hardly changed in decades. In fact, while digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry under the sun, fruit and vegetable QC has been left in the shade.


At Clarifruit, we are meeting this challenge head on by revolutionizing the fresh produce supply chain from field to fork, bringing it into the digital age, and contributing to a world standard for fresh produce evaluation.
The result: favorable revenue opportunities for all stakeholders in the fresh produce supply chain and reduced global waste.


Our Management Team

Our management team has vast experience working with global companies. Together, they bring three pillars of expertise to their passion for our product and work. Avi has a wealth of product knowledge, Ruby – software development expertise and R&D leadership in multiple startups, and Elad – deep understanding and leadership experience in the global business, deal-making and finance worlds.

Clarifruit's team

Elad Mardix

CEO & Co-Founder
Clarifruit's team

Avi Schwartzer

COO & Co-Founder
Clarifruit's team

Ruby Boyarski

CTO & Co-Founder

Our Investors

Funded by FirstTime Venture Capital

Funded by FirstTime Venture Capital

Champel capital

Funded by Champel Capital


Funded by Kubota

Neva Team

NevaTeam Partners

European Union Horizon 2020 EIC Program

Grant from the European Union Horizon 2020 EIC Program

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