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How Does the Clarifruit Fruit & Vegetable QC Solution Work?

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One simple QC platform that replaces guesswork, paperwork, and a whole lot of hard work! The Clarifruit solution covers it all: data collection, reporting and collaboration, dynamic management and analytics.

Step 1 download Clarifruits qc platform

Download the App for Free

Firstly, sign up for an account on our website and download the app for free via the relevant app store. The app is suitable for both iOS and Android devices, and it’s free - so go ahead and download it on mobile or tablet.

get snapping of fruit or vegetable using our qc platform

Get Snapping

Next, take a photo of the produce that you want to analyze. Clarifruit uses advanced computer-vision technology, which looks with insight into the surface of the fresh produce and analyzes factors such as size, color, stem color or any visible defects. Your data will automatically enter the cloud-based system, and this information can be configured ahead of time to take the inspection type and your specific list of inspected attributes into account.

get the data using Clarifruits qc platform

Let’s Augment that Data!

But, how about what’s underneath the surface? Through integration into any ERP solution, as well as intelligent integrations with third-party hardware devices, you can get a whole lot more insight into what’s happening behind the scenes. Think about elements such as the firmness of the fruit, its degrees BRIX, its pH levels, and more. All collected info is then transmitted wirelessly to the Clarifruit app.

get our qc platform for mobie app results

Reporting & Collaboration

Forget about entering the data manually and generating a customized report to store on your current IT system. An auto-generated report is created for each completed test, customized by you ahead of time. You can even preconfigure notifications and alert systems so that the information arrives to the right person in real-time.

manage and get insights using Clarifruits qc platform

Actively Manage and Derive Insights

Want to modify your quality standards and add another inspection type while making sure your QC inspectors implement those changes in real-time? Interested in seeing your fresh produce analysis from different angles and doing things like analyzing it by historical trend or specific quarter? It’s all enabled and available on your web management dashboard, supported offline so that you can access it anywhere, any time.

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