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Manual Fruit and Vegetable Fresh Produce Quality Control (QC) Leads to Quality Mismatches

Fresh produce accounts for a large portion of global food consumption. But until now, fruit and vegetable fresh produce quality control and management methods have been mostly manual, subjective, and inefficient.

In addition, these quality assurance methods are not standardized and are subject to different inspection standards for different buyers. This leads to frequent quality mismatches across the fresh produce supply chain.

The Results of Manual Fresh Produce Quality Assurance

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waste of worldwide fresh produce
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Clarifruit's Solution for the Quality Control of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Clarifruit offers an automated, end-to-end quality control as a service (QCaaS) solution that facilitates fast, objective, and consistent fruit and vegetable fresh produce quality control and management.

Quality Control App

Fruit and vegetables application that automatically analyzes real-time data about the external and internal attributes of your fresh produce.

Management & Analytics Dashboard

Uniquely positioned fruit and vegetables software that gives you the operational insights you need to optimize your fresh produce quality management.

The Clarifruit fruit and vegetable fresh produce quality control software solution facilitates an objective, consistent, and cost-effective quality management process. This increases fruit and vegetable quality control inspector productivity by x3 and empowers the world’s fresh produce growers, marketing companies, wholesalers, and retailers to make decisions based on high-quality data.

The ultimate outcome is a better match of fresh produce quality to customer demand and favorable revenue opportunities for all stakeholders in the fresh produce supply chain.

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Point your smartphone camera toward a fruit or vegetable

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3. Quality Inspection

Get insights on size, color, stem color, defects, firmness, etc.

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4. Auto-Reporting

Automatically generate a full QC report, instantly

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Clarifruit, the world’s first AI-powered quality control software for the fresh produce industry, has announced a successful commercial implementation with Santa Maria (Compañia Frutera Santa Maria S.A.), a leading grape exporter that works with various growers across Chile and exports their grapes to buyers globally.
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