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We’re here to empower you – growers, marketing companies, wholesalers, and retailers – with the fresh fruit and vegetable quality control data you need to make the right business decisions to reduce waste and maximize profitability across the supply chain.

Ready to use the world’s first automatic fresh produce quality control platform?

Manual Fresh Produce QC Leads to Quality Mismatches

Fresh produce accounts for a large portion of global food consumption. But until now, fresh fruit and vegetable quality control methods have been mostly manual, subjective, and inefficient.

In addition, fresh produce quality methods are not standardized and are subject to different inspection standards for different buyers. This leads to frequent quality mismatches across the fresh produce supply chain.

The Results of Manual QC

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price renegotiations
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waste of worldwide fresh produce

Clarifruit’s Solution for Standardized Quality Control of Fruit and Vegetables

Clarifruit offers an automated, end-to-end quality control as a service (QCaaS) platform that facilitates fast, objective, and consistent fresh fruit and vegetable quality control.

Mobile Application

Automatically analyzes real-time data about the external and internal attributes of fresh produce.

Management & Analytics Dashboard

Uniquely positioned to derive operational insights for fresh produce quality control management.

The Clarifruit solution facilitates an objective, consistent, and cost-effective fresh fruit and vegetable quality control process. This increases inspector productivity by x3 and empowers the world’s fresh produce growers, marketing companies, wholesalers, and retailers to make decisions based on high-quality data.

The ultimate outcome is a better match of fresh produce quality to customer demand and favorable revenue opportunities for all stakeholders in the fresh produce supply chain.

Say goodbye to endless paperwork, measurement devices, spreadsheets, emails, and headaches, and say hello to your team’s new QC launchpad.

step 1 download Clarifruits qc platform

the free app

get snapping of fruit or vegetable using our qc platform

your smartphone camera toward a fruit or vegetable

get the data using Clarifruits qc platform

the exact size, color, stem color, defects, firmness, etc.

get our qc platform for mobie app results

a full QC report, instantly

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Quantifying the 3 Key Benefits of Automating Fresh Produce Quality Control Blog Post

Quantifying the 3 Key Benefits of Automating Fresh Produce Quality Control

When we started Clarifruit, we were leading the way with a brand-new vision for digitizing and automating the quality control process for fresh fruits and vegetables. We could see the potential for our technology – the first of its kind. Over the past few years, the market has shifted. The benefits are now being realized by many customers across the US, Europe, LatAm and Asia, and we no longer need to introduce prospects to the potential of Clarifruit. We can show customers by the numbers what they often know already – that automating their QC process has a measurable impact on their bottom line.

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Clarifruit’s AI-Powered, Fresh Produce Quality Control App is Now Available on SAP® Store

Clarifruit’s automated fresh produce quality control app is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. Clarifruit’s solution integrates with SAP S/4HANA® to give retailers, wholesalers, marketing companies and growers the high-quality data required to maximize profitability and reduce waste across the fresh produce supply chain.

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fresh fruit and vegetable defects Blog Post

What a Difference a Defect Makes: Streamlining Decision-Making with a Platform for Detecting Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Defects and Evaluating Quality

Like death and taxes in life, if there’s one thing that’s inevitable in the world of fresh produce, it’s defects! You can’t always avoid them. But as a supply chain stakeholder, whether you are an exporter, importer or a retailer, you can better manage the actions you take when you see fruit and vegetable defects by adding more insight into the kinds of defects that develop, and utilizing a consistent view of what makes your customers satisfied.

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