Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility is to Help Reduce Waste in the Supply Chain

Did you know that there is an estimated $900 billion in annual waste every year from fresh produce? At the same time, according to World Hunger Statistics, 1 in 9 people (more than 821 million humans) go to bed on an empty stomach every night.

We need to do more.

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Promoting Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development Goals

We take pride in addressing 2 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Reducing Waste in Fruit and Vegetable Growing

At Clarifruit, we feel strongly about our social responsibility to make an environmental contribution to the world’s fresh produce waste challenge. With our solution, which leverages Big Data and analytics, stakeholders across the fresh produce supply chain can consistently and accurately measure fruit and vegetable quality, and make intelligent decisions about their fresh produce that lead to reduced waste.

Optimizing the Supply Chain from Growers and Marketing Companies, to Wholesalers and Retailers

Currently, 20% of the total fresh produce waste sits at the grower segment. At Clarifruit, we aim to reduce this waste by 20%, which would in turn translate into almost 2% of waste reduction overall. That would save the economy as much as $18 billion each year and would also democratize the supply chain, supporting the growers, and making it a more equitable industry for all.

Setting a Global Standard for Fruit and Vegetables

There are an estimated 400 million transactions in the fruit and vegetable industry annually. However, 25% of them do not go forward as planned with 5% being rejected and another 20% renegotiated for a lower price. AI takes the guesswork out of fruit and vegetable QC inspection and facilitates the standardization of global standards for fruit and vegetable quality. If widely accepted, this could support every stage of the value chain and enable everyone to experience a best-case scenario – the highest quality produce with zero mismatch, and at a fair price.

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