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Fresh produce quality control technology to optimize QC across your entire produce supply chain

Clarifruit has a vision: designing and manufacturing objective and consistent quality control solutions and fresh produce solutions – creating an industry standard for fresh fruits and vegetables. To make this happen, its automated fresh produce quality control system has three elements. First, the front-end mobile quality control app that can be used to replace pen and paper inspections for measuring and controlling fruit and vegetable quality; secondly the web-based management dashboard, which managers and decision-makers can use to view all the information about produce and customer shipments at a glance; and finally – the big data analytics platform which offers trends and business intelligence to improve decision making and ROI.

Our end-to-end quality control solution has three main components:

Together, they enable you to optimize quality control across your entire produce supply chain.

The Clarifruit Technology

Underneath the Clarifruit product suite are nine technological building blocks. These move from the digitization of the inspection itself, through to the use of computer vision technology, analysis of the data, and elements like reporting and third-party integrations. At all times, four layers of data provide progressively deeper knowledge, from simply defining and collecting data, through to analyzing it for trends and insights.

Try our QC App for Free

Clarifruit is more than just a digital solution for fresh produce quality control. It ushers in a new way of doing things, a brand-new approach that changes the way that stakeholders across the supply chain manage and measure their fresh produce shipments and deliveries. As a result, it’s important to us to ensure that anyone can access and benefit from the technology itself. The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Learn How it Works

Once you’ve downloaded the quality control application, you can simply get started by taking a photo of the produce that you want more information on. Your data will be automatically added to the cloud-based system, and you’ll even get an auto-generated report for each and every test. Configure the system ahead of time so that you can match produce to the right customer, be alerted to any anomalies or unusual defects, and streamline the way that quality control happens in your organization.

Quality Control Solutions for all Stakeholders in the Supply Chain

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