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Fresh produce quality control software at Fruit Logistica

Fresh produce quality control software at Fruit LogisticaThe Clarifruit team recently returned from this year’s Fruit Logistica in Berlin. As usual, the event attracted thousands of attendees from over 130 countries, including growers, marketing companies, wholesalers and experts across the fresh produce industry. For us at Clarifruit, Fruit Logistica 2024 was an exceptional opportunity to engage with key industry players and discuss emerging fresh produce and food quality trends. 

It also provided an ideal space to present Clarifruit’s AI capabilities to an industry that is modernizing and digitizing at a more rapid pace than ever before. Here are our main takeaways from the event.

The Fresh Produce Industry is Hungry for Solutions
Fresh produce quality control software at Fruit Logistica
Mr. Hartmut Höppner, the State Secretary at German Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport

From the presentations and conversations we participated in, it was clear that the rate of modernization in the fresh produce industry is increasing. Companies of all sizes are now eagerly seeking solutions that industry leaders have already adopted. This increasing uptake of new technologies and solutions has demonstrated to customers, suppliers and smaller stakeholders that this is the way forward. 

This growing adoption of innovative technologies and solutions serves as a compelling testament to customers, suppliers, and smaller stakeholders alike, indicating a clear and decisive path forward toward progress and success in the fresh produce industry.

What AI Actually Means for Fresh Produce Quality Control

As we expected, everyone was talking about AI at the event. But as in so many other industries, AI has become a buzzword. It can be easy to lose sight of what AI and ML actually mean for fresh produce in general, and fruit and vegetable quality control in particular. This was an opportunity for us to steer conversations from the general to the concrete, by highlighting how we are empowering major industry players with truly cutting-edge AI-powered quality control capabilities.

Clarifruit’s use of AI and ML technologies goes far deeper than any single proposition like time saving, cost reduction or real-time analytics. It’s all of those – and more. It has always been our goal to create a platform that could transform quality control, leading to better outcomes that benefit not only organizations’ operational efficiency but also their customers, suppliers and the entire value chain. Fruit Logistica yet again provided the perfect platform to showcase everything that Clarifruit can do.

Clarifruit’s AI capabilities excel in handling complex scenarios and unstructured data, making it more valuable than traditional algorithms in the fresh produce industry. Clarifruit’s AI models analyze all inspections faster and more efficiently than standard algorithms and human inspectors.

As a result, our customers conduct thousands of inspections and capture even more photos every day. AI algorithms are easily scalable, making them the ideal tool for managing this large volume of data and ensuring quick scanning of all inspections.

Unlike standard algorithms, which require separate algorithms for each fruit category, AI models are more generic and adaptable to all types of fruits. Variations in colors and shapes pose less of a challenge. Moreover, incorporating new fruit categories can be accomplished much more rapidly.

AI also excels in handling environmental factors. Quality inspectors’ roles are dynamic, with inspections sometimes conducted in direct sunlight and other times in warehouses or environments with shadows. AI models can be trained to operate effectively in all these environments, a capability that standard algorithms struggle to achieve.

How Clarifruit Leverages AI and Computer Vision

Fresh produce quality control software at Fruit LogisticaOur CEO, Elad Mardix, delivered a comprehensive presentation that delved into the transformative impact of AI and digitization on the fresh produce supply chain. With a keen focus on addressing the pressing issue of quality mismatch, Elad examined its root causes, including the divergence in quality standards, subjective inspection processes, and the absence of real-time data.

During his insightful presentation, Elad showcased how Clarifruit’s innovative platform serves as a game-changer in overcoming these challenges. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Clarifruit facilitates automation, provides actionable insights, and enhances visibility throughout the supply chain. This enables organizations to effectively mitigate the risks associated with quality discrepancies and navigate the complexities of the fresh produce market with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Through real-world examples and practical demonstrations, Elad illustrated how Clarifruit’s solution empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and ultimately break free from the quality mismatch cycle. By embracing AI and digitization, companies can elevate their competitiveness, drive sustainable growth, and revolutionize the way fresh produce is managed and distributed globally.

Elad’s talk was well received, and helped industry players to better understand Clarifruit’s capabilities and their role in building a more modern and efficient supply chain for fruits and vegetables. 

Fruit Logistica 2024: a Call to Action for the Fresh Produce Industry

As always, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Fruit Logistica 2024. The conversations we had gave us valuable insights into what the fresh produce industry needs, and what we need to help fresh produce companies thrive in a rapidly evolving market. We invite you to explore how Clarifruit can revolutionize your quality control processes and drive your business forward. Contact us today for a demo and join the ranks of industry leaders harnessing the power of AI-driven fresh produce quality control.

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