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From product updates, new releases, and the latest news in fresh produce QC, down to tips and tricks for getting the most out of your fruit and vegetable supply chain, the Clarifruit blog is the quickest way to make sure you're in the know. Remember, you heard it here first.

A Day in the Life of a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable QC Manager

A Day in the Life of a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable QC Manager

As Clarifruit’s vision of a streamlined, more accurate and consistent fresh fruit and vegetable quality control process takes root (no pun intended) across the value chain, many jobs will change for the better. Let’s look at the existing process for a QC manager at a wholesaler, and the changes that could make all the difference.

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What is the Perfect Cherry? When You Inspect Quality of Cherries, There is No One Right Answer.

Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Cherry and How’s this Related to QC

Cherries are a complex fruit, which means if your job is to inspect cherry quality – that’s complex too! This makes it even more important to get it right quickly! But what does “getting it right” mean when it comes to cherries? Here’s what makes a cherry-lover cheerful, and some facts that will help you to inspect the quality of cherries far easier, too!

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Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control| Clarifruit

A Turning Point for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control

It would be difficult to overestimate the impact of COVID-19 on fresh fruit and vegetable quality control. From the disruption to the supply chain, to the complexities of logistics during the pandemic, and of course the ripple effect on human capital, here’s what we’ve learned during 2020.

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Fresh produce quality control - ready for change? | Clarifruit

Fresh Produce Quality Control Could do with a 21st Century Update, Don’t you Think?

Until fairly recently, fresh fruit and vegetable quality control seemed to be one of those things that never really changed. Yes, the processes were updated from time to time, but the underlying methodology stayed the same – look at produce with the human eye and assess the quality manually. So you may be surprised to discover that for the first time, real change is underway and stakeholders across the supply chain are internalizing the need for a different approach to fresh produce QC.

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