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Ready to Reduce the Time you Spend on Manual Fruit & Vegetable Quality Control by up to 50%?

Start automating your fresh produce quality control with our free trial!

Take advantage of our free Clarifruit QC automation trial and unlock access to unlimited, free inspections for 30 days.

If you already have a Clarifruit account, log in here.


Start your free 30 day trial – no credit card required!

* If your produce type isn’t on the list, please contact us and we’d be happy to add support for it.

* By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge that you have read our Privacy Policy. Clarifruit is intended for use by professional produce inspectors. It is not a consumer app.

Say goodbye to endless paperwork, measurement devices, spreadsheets, emails, and headaches, and say hello to your team’s new QC launchpad.

step 1 download Clarifruits qc platform

the free app

get snapping of fruit or vegetable using our qc platform

your smartphone camera toward a fruit or vegetable

get the data using Clarifruits qc platform

the exact size, color, stem color, defects, firmness, etc.

get our qc platform for mobie app results

a full QC report, instantly

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