How Much Are You Actually Losing By Not Having Automatic QC?

Webinar date: October 13, 2020

Discover how stakeholders across the fresh produce supply chain can utilize next-gen technology to significantly improve quality control and create a consistent approach to testing fresh produce pre-sale. In this webinar, we’ll be looking at how organizations can win on three fronts and boost enterprise profitability by a third, and translating the benefits in each area into practical dollars and sense.

Hosting this webinar

Elad Mardix President | Clarifruit Management Team

Elad Mardix

President of Clarfiruit

Step into the Future of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control

At Clarifruit, we’re here to empower you – growers, marketing companies, wholesalers, and retailers – with the grape quality control data you need to make the right business decisions to reduce waste and maximize profitability across the supply chain.
With our automated, end-to-end quality control and quality assurance platform, you can benefit from fast, objective, and consistent quality control and better match your grape quality to customer demand – resulting in more favorable revenue opportunities for all stakeholders in the fresh produce supply chain.

End-to-end fresh produce quality control platform with three main components that together, enable you to optimize grape quality control across your entire fresh produce supply chain

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Step into the future with digitized fresh produce quality assurance and control