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Mobile App Guide

For further information, please contact support@clarifruit.com

First-time setup

Before you start

  1. Install ClariFruit’s app on your iPhone or Android (https://www.clarifruit.com/download)

  2. Request a username and password from info@clarifruit.com

ClariFruit Login

Enter your ClariFruit credentials.

Optional: Connect a device

Choose your measuring device 

Phone settings

Android: Turn on NFC

iPhone: NFC only works with iPhone 7 and above.

Creating a sample with Atago PAL-1

To learn how to take optimal photos

Creating a sample with the SCiO scanner:

Viewing sample results

Missing Attributes:
Brix is Required For Rating Calculation

Inspection Failed:
Didn't Meet The Criteria

Offline mode

Add samples without an internet connection.

Adding data to samples


Edit and delete samples or measurements

SCiO set-up