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How ClariFruit App Works

With ClariFruit app measuring fruit quality is as simple as taking a photo!

  1. User scans the fruit (or a cluster of fruits) with built-in phone camera and with portable SCiO molecular sensor (or spectrometer)

  2. Large set of measurements about the fruit and the environment is captured. This includes fruit’s BRIX, firmness, dry weight, color, size, stains, variant and more, as well as GPS location, weather conditions, and time of sampling.

  3. Optionally user can record a personal opinion about the fruit quality

  4. Measurements are immediately uploaded to the cloud and are instantly being processed by an innovative, tailor made BigData algorithm

  5. The algorithm compares all the measurements to tens of thousands of existing samples of previously inspected fruits

  6. The algorithm incorporates previously recorded multiple users and experts feedback, and scientific data with sophisticated machine learning techniques to produce clear and simple grades for scanned fruit’s quality, freshness, and ripeness

  7. Fruit grades are available to the user within a fraction of a second thanks to smart data processing and optimization methods applied in the cloud

All sampling data as well as huge amount of additional statistical information and reports are available online for post sampling and post production analysis.