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Who is Zespri?

Zespri is the world’s largest kiwi fruit marketer, based in New Zealand. They sell high-quality produce in over 50 countries, and they pride themselves on maintaining impeccable quality across their supply chain. Before partnering with Clarifruit, Zespri faced a number of challenges associated with unstandardized quality control practices, and a lack of objective data on which to base sound business decisions.

From Many Standards to One: The Urgent Need for Uniform Quality Control

Before launching their partnership with Clarifruit, Zespri took a decentralized approach to quality control. This was inevitable, given the global reach of their business. But it meant that different locations had different standards, without a single, uniform set to regulate all of them. As a result, inspectors conducted quality checks in different ways, bringing a great deal of subjectivity into the supply chain.

They approached Clarifruit with a set of specific aims:

  • Standardize QC Processes: Unify inspection methods across the entire supply chain, from growers to market destinations.
  • Optimize Data Accuracy: Establish a system for objective, consistent data collection to make better business decisions – and faster.
  • Reduce Waste: Minimize produce waste throughout the supply chain

Zespri Finds Answers at Clarifruit

Once they discovered Clarifruit, Zespri quickly recognized the value that the quality control platform provided their business.  Clarifruit’s platform combines an inspector mobile app and a real-time analytics dashboard, solving both of Zespri’s most pressing needs in a single, easy-to-use solution that could be rolled out across all locations instantly, and in real-time.

Pictured above: Zespri using Clarifruit’s mobile app during an  inspection.

“With Clarifruit, we were able to increase inspections’ productivity by 25%”
– Dave Scullin, Chief Digital Officer

After a straightforward onboarding that included full integration to Zespri ERP’s SAP system, Zespri began to achieve significant results:

  • Uniform Inspections: With Clarifruit fresh produce quality control app, inspectors now have a unified method of conducting inspections, ensuring data consistency across the board.
  • Increased Productivity: Inspectors can complete up to 25% more inspections, contributing to a more efficient workflow and reduced waste., whether online or on offline mode.
  • Real-time Analytics: Quality Managers receive immediate data from inspections regardless of where they occur, allowing for rapid, informed decisions.
  • Self-serve QC management & Customizable Reporting: friendly web app interface and drag-and-drop features allow for easy modification of the inspection process, which is instantly updated globally.

“Before Clarifruit, we had tons of reporting tools from different platforms, wasting a lot of hours on a monthly basis just trying to compile the numerous data sources. Now, we have one format and one platform for reporting, which I can instantly share with colleagues or customers. The flexibility and customization of Clarifruit’s reporting is truly a game changer and has given us the confidence to make the best informed decisions, which is always based on real-time objective data.”
-Sarah Duncan, Quality Manager at Zespri

Bringing Quality Control into the AI Era With Clarifruit

Looking to emulate Zespri’s successful transition to data-driven, standardized quality control? Request a personal demo of Clarifruit today.

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