Worldwide Fruit, one of the leading wholesalers and importers of fresh produce in the UK, has decreased the time taken to implement its Quality Control processes and increased the efficiency and accuracy of the data.

Clarifruit Solves Worldwide Fruit’s Quality Control Challenges 

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Who is Worldwide Fruit?

Worldwide Fruit (WWF) is one of the leading wholesalers and importers of fresh produce in the UK that strives to provide the utmost quality of produce to its suppliers and customers worldwide. The business works with over 100 growers across the globe to supply high quality fresh produce to its customers 365 days a year. Before engaging with Clarifruit, standardizing quality control processes across its regions was one of WWF’s major challenges – especially with predicting the shelf life of the produce. 

The challenges that WWF wanted to solve 

Before being introduced to Clarifruit in 2022, Worldwide Fruit’s quality control processes were outdated, time consuming and subjective. They were unable to standardize their Quality Control processes across their regional operations and weren’t capitalizing on the significant data that was being collected to make the best decisions that would benefit their customers. 

Worldwide Fruit was in search of a solution that would ultimately streamline and centralize all the moving parts of their global operation to manage the Quality Control of fresh produce from their growers in over 21 countries across the world and ensure that customers consistently received a reliable supply of fresh fruit. 

Worldwide Fruit tasked Clarifruit to solve the following challenges:

  • Standardize QC processes: Supply a standardized and transparent end-to-end fresh produce and supply chain solution
  • Efficient and accurate QC process: To supply accurate, consistent and trusted data for the measurement and assessment of the fresh produce
  • Capitalize on data collection: To allow the business to benefit from the wealth of data collected to better serve its customers. 

How Clarifruit’s solution delivers results

worldwide fruit Since partnering with Clarifruit, Worldwide Fruit has been realizing the benefits of the app as each of its business challenges are being solved. 

Worldwide Fruit’s implementation of the Clarifruit quality control app has proven  to allow for a significant reduction in time with an increase in quality of produce and data within the business.  

The feature instantly captures the external attributes of the fresh produce and provides a standardized QC process, such as size and color, within milliseconds. Worldwide Fruit uses the Clarifruit app AI automation detection in several categories of its produce including apples, peaches and apricots and allows for two to three times the amount of inspections to be completed in 40% of the time

Gathering information on internal attributes has become easier and more efficient, by simply holding the iPhone close to the refractometer – all the data from the ERP system instantly integrates with the app. 

The data is not just more accurate, but also more accessible. The inspection process has become seamless, a full QC report is immediately available, real-time for management review as soon as the inspection is complete.

The analytics and data accessible through Clarifruit’s management & analytics dashboard has been critical to achieving their business’ goals.  The data and information they were able to gather from inspections conducted through their app has given them more clarity and increased visibility into the quality of their produce and supply customers’ fruit as to their expectations. 

The Clarifruit comparison report which allows a single view of all of their customers’ quality specs also allows Worldwide Fruit to deliver the correct quality to the right client. 

Going forward, we expect to experience a reduction in our internal waste rejections, ultimately leading to significant reduction in costs on a company level. We’re grateful for the amount of time and cost we’ve saved with this new QC process, and for the customer satisfaction we’ve experienced as a result of Clarifruit’s AI-platform” Jason Winter, Quality Manager, Worldwide Fruit

“We’ve come a long way in our daily operations since deploying Clarifruit’s AI platform.  We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the Clarifruit team to help us transform our entire QC process to be completely objective and consistent. I’m thrilled that Worldwide Fruit has finally found a solution to help reduce the amount of waste along the supply chain and thankful for this fruitful partnership.” Willie Wood, Head of Technical, Worldwide Fruit

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