Migiva Automates Quality Control and adds Data-Driven Decision Making to its Operations with the Clarifruit Platform

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About the Migiva Group

The Migiva Group is a leading vertically integrated farming and marketing company, with its own grower-exporter operations and its own global sales and marketing operations, Joy Produce. A solid and innovative business group, Migiva has more than 30 years of operation in the local and international markets, providing products and services of extraordinary quality and with activities in various industries. Migiva’s family of collaborators pride themselves on achieving greatness by how they do things.

A Rising Consumer Demand for the Highest Quality Threshold in Premium Fresh Produce

Migiva is known for offering fresh produce of a consistently high quality standard, and was looking for a way to transform its manual processes with data, automation and AI. This would support the company in maintaining its competitive edge in an increasingly digitized landscape. 

The vast majority of supply chain stakeholders are still performing fresh produce quality control manually, and therefore missing out on a wide array of benefits, from productivity and objectivity, to data-driven decision making. Migiva was looking for a strategic partner who had a clear vision of the future of fresh fruits and vegetables quality control, and who had the tools and technology to lead the way. The company was hoping to:

  • Achieve consistency: Migiva was hoping to achieve a standard for their inspections, so that processes were completed the same way every time. This would add predictability and objectivity to inspections. 
  • Reduce manual work: Inspectors were not working at maximum efficiency or productivity, and were so busy completing manual QC checks that they couldn’t be freed up to work elsewhere or scale.
  • Add visibility and insight: QC was being performed in a silo, with no reports or analytics on what worked and what didn’t without a lot of manual data entry and guesswork to close the gaps.
  • Gain better control: Different customers had various needs for their fresh produce. Migiva was hoping to be able to manipulate the system to meet specific requirements, changing specific attributes on demand.

In response to these challenges, Migiva began to explore innovative solutions that could streamline their quality control processes while enhancing the overall quality of their produce. The goal was to find a system that could integrate seamlessly with their existing operations, yet bring a level of precision and efficiency that manual processes could not achieve. This exploration was driven by the understanding that in a market where consumer expectations are continuously rising, staying ahead of the curve with technology and innovation is not just beneficial, but essential for maintaining leadership in the industry. Migiva’s commitment to excellence led them to seek a partner who could provide a cutting-edge solution tailored to their unique needs, setting a new standard in fresh produce quality control.

The Solution for Migiva: A Smart, Data-driven Platform to Perform Quality Control

After an introduction to Clarifruit, Migiva onboarded the cloud-based quality control software platform which includes both the mobile app for the inspector themselves, and also the management and analytics dashboard for the QC director. The AI-driven platform leverages proprietary computer-vision technology to assess the quality of a wide variety of fresh produce, and its customizable web application digitally designs and manages QC operations, auto-generating smart reporting, and analytics, all from a single dashboard.

Immediately, Migiva could see how the platform would have a measurable impact on their own bottom line, both by reducing waste, and offering data-driven insights that could improve the fresh fruits and vegetables supply chain from end to end.

A Consistent Approach to Quality Control Across Migiva’s Global Operations

The benefits for Migiva include:

  • Objective and consistent inspections: Migiva has achieved consistency in how they train inspectors and QC managers, eliminating variance between staff and replacing this with an automated, objective inspection process across the organization.
  • 3x increase in productivity: By reducing the manual work of their inspectors, Migiva has realized a 3x productivity boost, freeing up staff to take on higher value tasks and meeting customer demand faster and simpler than ever before.
  • Flexibility for configuration of QC standards: The QC manager can independently and dynamically manage the system to meet seasonal or customer demand, changing parameters such as Brix levels or produce size. The algorithm auto-updates on the inspector’s app.
  • Personalized reporting and real-time analytics: This has reduced the time it takes to gain insight from hours down to seconds. Reports are generated immediately and provide a consistently objective view of business metrics and the inspection process.

“We’re just scratching the surface of how AI ca impact our business. The more data we put in, the more we’ll be able to get out of it. Today I think it is a must for the industry. If we want to differentiate ourselves from everyone else, if we want to give our consumers the best experience possible, we need to be supported by tools like Clarifruit to assess our day-to-day business. As amazing as it looks now, what we will see from Clarifruit a couple of years from now will keep amazing us, as the software keeps learning.” – Eduardo Mazzini, Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Migiva Group. 

Embracing the Digital Evolution in the Fresh Produce Industry

As industries across the board are swept by digital transformation, the fresh produce sector too finds itself at a pivotal juncture. Migiva Group’s proactive adoption of Clarifruit’s advanced AI-powered platform serves as a benchmark for competitors and peers alike. The paradigm shift from manual to digital quality control is more than just an operational change; it’s a strategic move to ensure that the highest quality standards are met consistently. For companies in the agricultural sector, navigating the waters of technological innovation can be challenging. However, the testimonials from industry leaders like Migiva underscore the necessity of embracing these changes. Their partnership with Clarifruit not only strengthens Migiva’s position as a leader in quality but also sends a clear message to the sector: in a world where consumers demand the best, harnessing technology to deliver on that promise is not just an advantage, but a necessity. The path Migiva has embarked upon is indicative of the future trajectory of the fresh produce industry, one that integrates the best of human expertise with the precision of AI-driven tools.

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