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The Evolution of Quality Control

This Fruitnet article provides an overview of the story behind Clarifruit and how we are seeking to transform the way fresh produce QC is done and to create a world standard for fresh produce evaluation.

ClariFruit Seeks to Add Efficiency to Inspections

This article in The Packer showcases how the Clarifruit solution uses scientific data to bring standardization to the fresh produce industry with the goal of transforming how the industry does quality control by making it automatic.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Meet a Suite of Quality-Assessing Software

The Times of Israel shares how Clarifruit has raised over $6 million in seed funding to speed up the growth of the very first quality control platform for fruits and vegetables. Clarifruit plans to use these funds to expand operations across three continents, and to disrupt the $2 trillion industry by reducing fresh produce waste and saving money for the fresh produce supply chain.

Start-up Introducing a Revolutionary Automatic QC and Data Analytics Platform

Fresh Plaza describes the importance of Clarifruit’s “objective, consistent, and cost-effective inspection” that results in higher-quality produce and increased revenue for its target consumers. Clarifruit’s global target customers are currently engaging with the application to test their own products.

Fresh Produce Quality Analysis Startup Clarifruit Raises $6M

No camels explains the efforts made by Clarifruit to reduce waste by analyzing real-time data about the fresh produce’s external and internal attributes. It describes the innovative technology behind a standardized Quality Control platform for the fresh produce industry.

Israeli Fresh Produce Analytics Co Clarifruit Raises $6m

Globes announces the $6 million that Clarifruit raised to expand its company and describes how the patent-protected algorithm will reduce waste and empower growers, wholesalers, and retailers to make determinations based on concrete data.

The Future of Fresh Produce with Clarifruit President Elad Mardix

Amazon Web Services highlights the issue of 1.3 billions of tons of food going to waste each year around the world, and further describes how Clarifruit aims to be a solution. Clarifruit’s automatic quality control technology is able to inspect and rate produce efficiently and effectively.

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