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At Clarifruit, we are always looking for ways to make the app even more useful and effective in measuring the quality of fresh produce. The mobile team unit is always looking for ways to improve Clarfruit’s and has launched two game changing features. 

Now with two new features, the quality control of fresh produce will be easier and even more reliable. 

For users of Clarifruit’s app in countries around the globe who benefit from perfecting fresh produce quality control within seconds, users can now enjoy two new advanced features on the app. 

Operating in offline mode

quality control app quality control app For growers who do not always have a strong, reliable and uninterrupted network collection, that Clarifruit has traditionally relied on is no longer a concern and the quality control process doesn’t need to be delayed. The solution is the offline mode, where users can seamlessly complete inspections anywhere and at any time whether there is a connection or not.

When the inspection is completed, the user can then upload the data as soon as the device reaches a stable internet connection. This ensures uninterrupted productivity and eliminates worries about network limitations.

Integration with measuring devices 

quality control app The offline mode is not the only new addition that the technology team has incorporated into its app. The app now offers seamless integration with measuring devices such as the ​​ATAGO Refractometer. This enables users to measure a diverse range of elements such as brix and pH levels with precision and objectivity. Accurate measurements are vital for users to conduct inspections in the most accurate and efficient manner possible, ensuring quality control standards are consistently met. 

Efficient and accurate inspections 

quality control app Streamlining the quality control processes and enhancing the user experience for quality assurance in the fresh produce industry. Using innovative features that the Clarifruit app offers, such as the offline mode, integration with measurement tools, big data analytics, auto-generated reports and standardized QC processes.

With these capabilities, Clarifruit’s mobile app empowers users to conduct inspections with confidence, efficiency, and accuracy, ultimately revolutionizing quality control in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on how Clarifruit is leveraging AI to automate quality control processes effectively.

The updated features further empower growers, marketing companies, companies and wholesalers with a tech solution that provides quality assurance data that will allow the supply chain to make informed decisions to reduce waste and maximize profitability. 

By measuring elements such as stem color, firmness and defects allows for a reduction in sub optimal fresh produce continuing through the supply chain. Clarifruit helps the productivity of inspecting fresh produce increase by three times. This reduces rejections and increases profitability in the fresh produce sector. 

For more information on how your business can benefit from the financial gain of using Carifruit visit www.clarifruit.com

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