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AI fresh produce tool

Clarifruit offers industry the best of both worlds

Clarifruit has just returned from Chile and Canada after impressing attendees from all over the world with our solution at two of the world’s largest fresh produce events. With AI being the buzzword, there was a lot of interest in our solution that doesn’t just offer a quality control solution – but is also a powerful tool in monitoring food safety. 

Clarifruit presents its innovative technology at Chile’s Global Cherry Festival

The Clarifruit team return ed from the Global Cherry Conference last month. Held in San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile on 25th April, we were able to showcase our solution to the area where in the last decade cherries have become one of the fastest growing fruit industries in the southern Hemisphere. The Global Cherry Summit – jointly organized by Yentzen Group and the Frutas de Chile Cherry Committee (Ex-Asoex)- is positioned as the leading event of the cherry industry in the world. It was the ideal event for Clarifruit to present its AI capabilities to an industry that is modernizing and digitizing at a more rapid pace than ever before. 

The event attracted over 1 000 visitors and 70 exhibitors from across the world. The event provided talks from prominent international industry leaders who provided analysis on international sales, emerging markets, growth and global development, and the numerous marketing strategies developed in global markets  – especially for supermarket chains in China who are a substantial importer of the fruit. 

From our conversations at the event we discovered that a prominent theme was how quality control is a forgotten area in the agro-industrial processes. The great gap in QC Control throughout the useful life of the fruit has been leaving companies often being unable to determine at what point the problem occurred and even what the real loss is in each case of wastage. 

The Latin American cherry market has traditionally been conservative when it comes to innovation and traditionally has looked to solutions from the United States and Europe. The market is interested in advanced cutting edge technology that provides additional benefits to current processes and Clarifruit’s AI technology is by far the most advanced solution offered to the Latin American market. 

Keeping consumers safe at CPMA 2025’s Fresh Week 

Clarifruit traveled to Vanco uver, Canada for the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s (CPMA) annual convention and trade show that attracts over 3 000 international visitors every year. 

With AI being an industry buzzword, Clarifruit’s solution was welcomed at the event, especially with the compliance of Section 204 of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). This Act requires the FDA to designate foods for which additional recordkeeping requirements are appropriate and necessary to protect public health.

The Clarifruit team were able to advise on how end-to-end critical tracking events (CTE) can be traced. By 2025 the fresh produce industry will need to stitch together the tracking of fresh produce along the supply chain. The urgency of this deadline is placing pressure on farmers or growers, packing facilities, shipping companies, distributors and retailers – especially in an industry whose focus is to leave the world of paper behind to digitize and modernize. 

Traceability and ​​Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) work together. With the devastating effects that contaminated fresh produce can cause, like the E.Coli and listeria outbreaks from romaine lettuce, the industry is looking to Clarifruit’s solution to pinpoint the source of any contaminated produce and proactively recall and withdraw harmful products from the supply chain. 

Our team enjoyed attending these prestigious events and valued the time they spent speaking to delegates in Chile and Canada and being able to present our solution created to help customers across the fresh produce supply chain with not just quality control, but food safety as well.

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