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Stay up-to-date with the latest news and articles about agricultural trends, fruit and vegetable QC & innovation, and social responsibility in the field of agriculture - and the role Clarifruit is playing in these fields.

Discover 5 Top Startups providing Food Monitoring Solutions

Clarifruit Amongst Top 5 Startups Providing Food Monitoring Solutions

Clarifruit was recently featured by Startus Insights as 1 of the top 5 global startups providing food monitoring solutions and optimizing food quality control. Currently, fresh fruit and vegetable monitoring are manual, labor-intensive and often inaccurate. This article explains how Clarifruit is using artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution to standardize quality monitoring and assessment across the fresh produce supply chain.

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Digital Supply Chain Podcast

The Digital Supply Chain Podcast w/Tom Raftery

Honored to have participated in this episode of the Digital Supply Chain Podcast with Tom Raftery, where we had a really interesting conversation about the need to eliminate waste in the fresh produce supply chain and how the Clarifruit solution can help stakeholders achieve this goal while improving profitability.

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E-3 Magazine Logo

Clarifruit Selected for SAP Startup Spotlight Series

Thanks to E-3 Magazine for choosing to feature us in its SAP Startup Spotlight Series! This article covers the story behind Clarifruit, our main offering and how it works, how our solution can potentially help stakeholders in the fresh produce supply chain navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it can be integrated with SAP systems.

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Clarifruit’s AI-Powered, Fresh Produce Quality Control App is Now Available on SAP® Store

Clarifruit is Now Available on SAP® Store

Clarifruit’s automated fresh produce quality control app is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. Clarifruit’s solution integrates with SAP S/4HANA® to give retailers, wholesalers, marketing companies and growers the high-quality data required to maximize profitability and reduce waste across the fresh produce supply chain.

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Microsoft for Startups

Clarifruit Selected by Microsoft for AI for Good Accelerator Program

Microsoft for Startups Israel recently selected Clarifruit for the second “AI For Good” Accelerator Program, in collaboration with Tech For Good. As part of the program, Clarifruit will partner with Microsoft on GTM initiatives and establish a presence on its Azure Marketplace, as well as receive opportunities to work with international organizations (such as the UN and EU), and beyond. We’re honored to take the next step in reducing produce waste around the world and to collaborate with such great industry players.

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Clarifruit joins SAP.iO Agritech Startup Accelerator Program

Clarifruit has been selected to join one of eight international startups for the first-ever, agribusiness-focused virtual startup accelerator program at SAP.iO Foundry Paris. As part of this program, we will be working to solve key industry challenges by integrating data, artificial intelligence, analytics and decision-making into agribusiness; helping to boost compliance and traceability throughout production and processing; and doing our part to ensue that agriculture is more responsible and environmentally sensitive.

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The Produce Industry Podcast

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly, Clarifruit President, Elad Mardix, talks about the new technology Clarifruit brings to the Produce Industry, why quality control is a crucial part of it, and the importance of focusing on the project at hand as inspectors.

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The Produce News

The Transformation of the Fresh Produce Supply Chain

We strongly believe that quality mismatch is a lose-lose scenario. The seller doesn’t get the price that they want for a shipment of produce, and the buyer doesn’t get the level of quality that they were expecting. No-one wins. Read this article in The Produce News to learn how the fresh produce supply chain can be transformed to overcome this challenge and create a win-win scenario instead.

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Clarifruit & Dole join forces to scale the world's 1st AI-powered quality control software solution

Clarifruit and Dole Join Forces to Scale the World’s first AI-Powered Quality Control Software Solution

In early 2021 and as part of Dole’s commitment to achieve zero fruit loss by 2025, the two companies worked together to implement our QC platform for Dole’s pineapple exports from the Philippines to 6 markets worldwide. The pilot resulted in more than 2X productivity increase, and due to this success, we’re now working together to scale the solution for additional markets and fruit categories. Read the full PR to learn more.

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Keeping It Fresh: How COVID-19 Has Shaped a New Path for the Food Supply Chain

Keeping It Fresh: How COVID-19 Has Shaped a New Path for the Food Supply Chain

This insightful article by AIThority explains how the effects of the disruption caused to the supply chain by COVID-19 are still being felt through every industry, and how digital transformation has emerged as an effective method for overcoming these challenges. The article also highlights how Clarifruit addresses these challenges in the fresh produce supply chain by digitizing and automating quality control to help enhance productivity across the board and develop a global fresh produce quality standard.

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Clarifruit partners with Pink Lady for apple QC trial

Clarifruit Partners with Pink Lady for Apple Quality Control Trial

Excited to announce our partnership with Pink Lady in the Harvest 2021 project with the start of a joint trial that aims to optimize QC and better manage post-harvesting operations. This significant milestone marks our expansion into apple quality control with the world’s #1 apple brand and another step towards quality standardization across the supply chain.

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